Chunxing Plant overview 8

New Chunxing Resource Recycling Group


New Chunxing Recycling Group is a major shareholder of Chunxing Corporation Pty Ltd. The technology and operational procedures, which will be utilized in the Australian recycling facility are supported by New Chunxing.


With 40 years of experience in the Lead recycling industry, New Chunxing operates some of the largest, single unit recycling facilities in China. Their facility in the Jiangsu Province of China recycles over one million tonnes of ULAB per year.


New Chunxing actively responds to the national  “Belt and Road Initiative” strategic development plan, promotes the global cooperation of secondary Lead project. Currently, New Chunxing invests and operates JV Secondary Lead Refinery in Thailand and Pakistan; has signed investment agreements with UAE, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan companies and is preparing for construction work. Feasibility studies are being carried out in Australia, the USA, Poland and Mexico. Chunxing is striving to become the largest secondary Lead group in the world. 



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