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ULAB Project

Chunxing Corporation's proposed recycling facility in Victoria, Australia will be a full secondary lead smelter facility, which will produce recycled lead products. Recycled lead products are a highly valuable commodity that will be returned back to battery manufacturers, thus further ensuring maximum value recycling. Chunxing Corporation will be using patented secondary lead smelting technology supplied by New Chunxing Resource Recycling Group - the second-largest recycler of lead-acid batteries in the world.


The proposed recycling facility will process 50,000 tonnes of Used Lead Acid Batteries (ULABs) per year and recycle them into 28,000 tonnes of refined lead per year. Around 98% of the materials in a single, used battery will be recycled - this includes contents such as lead, plastic and electrolyte (sulfuric acid).


The Recycling Facility will consist of 3 processing stages:

STAGE 1 - Physical breakdown of the batteries into its components i.e. metallic lead grid, lead oxide paste, plastics and spent acids.

STAGE 2 - Further processing of the plastics and spent acids to convert them into value-added products, such as chipped plastic for further recycling and fertilizer grade zinc sulfate.

STAGE 3 - Melting and smelting of lead components recovered into refined lead products.


We are currently in the process of seeking the necessary regulatory approvals for the above project in Victoria, Australia.


Please refer to the sections on our website: “Project Updates” & “News&Media Releases” for more information. 

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